Stronghold Games


Today, a major name in the board gaming circuit – Stronghold Games is a North America based publishing house that started out in 2009. They are most famous for being the publishers of Terraforming Mars – rated as one of the best strategy games across the world owing to its unique thematic interstellar game play that puts you in charge of a corporation on Mars looking to establish life with one pre-decided special power. Other best-selling board games from this house include big names like Kanban, La Granja and Ganz Schon!

Set in the 1930s, Auztralia takes you on a monster horror themed expansion adventure where you are looking to flip tiles that reveal resources or strew barriers on your path to progressing. With a deep and wide array of characters, this game is a must play if you are a fan of exploratory co-ops. The rustic setting, historical backdrop and route building mechanism stand out as the biggest jewels on the shining crown of this game.

If you are an auto-head, we definitely suggest you go on to try Kanban – probably the best strategy game from Stronghold. Set in an assembly line, you play as a manager working in a car manufacturing firm looking to roll out fancy cars and take their own career higher up. The game has intricate mechanics embedded wherein you can take actions unheard in other board games, to name a few- you improvise auto parts, increase efficiency of the line, setup meetings with Sandra (who can be nice or mean depending on the game setting). With Kanban, you are sure to enjoy this ride all along.

You can buy Terraforming Mars by Stronghold Games and its expansions, or any of the other bestsellers from this publisher, in India, only at The Bored Game Company.

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