Whether you’re a millennial, a boomer or Gen Z, each generation has had its share of popular board games. Without being pedantic about what constitutes a board game, we can safely say that it’s a game engaging 2 or more people involving a mechanic whether its dexterity, a specific strategy or just card slapping fun. Chess, Monopoly, the Game of life, Sequence, Uno, Scrabble, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Carrom, and less commonly Risk, Scotland Yard & Cluedo are some ubiquitous household names.

A board game based interaction is engaging, social and makes time fly while creating memories with friends and family. Breaking the monotony of everyday routine and the awkwardness of meeting new people, board games are also delightful icebreakers that create a bond over a shared activity. There is a charm to a shared experience over a piece of cardboard that is more than just eating out or watching a movie as it fosters a better understanding of not just the game but also the players.

The versatility and innovation of board games in recent years also means that it’s an activity that is, quite literally, ageless. You can play board games with your parents, some excellent two-player games with just your partner, countless games with a variety of mechanics with your contemporaries and also find some that are engaging for both you and your kids. The best part about board games is also the community that often forms around them. If you’re just discovering the hobby, chances are that you will also find your tribe of fellow players somewhere out there, who is just as passionate about tabletop gaming.

Ludo, scrabble and monopoly are some of the more common names and perhaps the list should also include Settlers of Catan, Klaus Teuber’s breakthrough strategy game that has been responsible for getting many board gamers passionately interested in the hobby with its sheer popularity and once played, through the wonder of discovering a world where there are multiple mechanics and actions in play than just rolling the dice or just playing a card. Similar to Catan, other titles that have worked as gateway games for many a board gamer are Ticket to ride, Carcasonne, Splendor, Dominion, to name a few.

Involving a variety of themes and exploring mechanics like engine building, worker placement, auctioneering, area control, card drafting, tile placement and endless others, the possibilities of the range of board games has also become infinite. You can choose from a light strategy game, a heavy euro, an ameritrash, a party game, an immersive cooperative game and dozens of other categories depending on who you want to play with, how many players and the level of complexity desired.

Board games have the magical ability to liven up a weekend; get togethers, vacations and picnics. They come to your rescue if you’re not in the mood to go out, just invite friends over for a chilled out session of board games or host a board game party of raucous fun with Codenames, Pictionary, Taboo and a host of other titles which will end in a day full of laughter and a better understanding of your friends.

A rainy day stuck at home? Feeling under the weather but out of your mind with boredom? Stuck at home with your kids over the weekend or the summer break and can’t think of activities to keep them busy? Have an extended family get together planned and you’re stressed about all the socializing? There is a board game out there for every occasion and situation; you just have to find the one that fits best!