Game night at the office?

Game night at the office?

You’ve raised the subject with a few office colleagues; you’ve found some kindred spirits; someone overheard you and was intrigued. It’s time to GEAR UP for the office board game night. The great thing about games is that they are always better with more people. Playing board games, is a great way to get to know your co-workers better, plus, it’s a great excuse to play more games.

No doubt you are going to have a mix of people, some would have played lots of games but most probably wouldn’t have heard of games apart from monopoly or snakes & ladders. Help them engage in this and let them choose their own favorite’s.

So, now you’ve decided to set up a gaming corner in the office for those quick 20 minute game sessions or even a weekly game night. Groups being big or small we’ve got your bases covered. This is our curated list of games perfect for the office. They’re a mix of medium and short games, some strategic and some light. These would definitely go a long way in making your office a more enjoyable and refreshing space.


2 Players, 30 Minutes

This strategic game helps players focus their attention to push at least 6 of their opponent’s 14 marbles off the hexagon playing board to win. But it’s not as simple as it seems because it takes 2 marbles to move one and 3 marbles to move 2. Players have to be focused to balance their own defense and their opponent’s strategy.


2-8 Players, 15 Minutes

Best game to introduce to the newbies. This game of spies and agents is engaging and quick. The numerous word card makes exciting for every time you play. What’s also great is that this game scales well, from 4 players to even 10 or more. As long as you can make two teams, you can play Codenames and, if it’s just two, you can always play Codenames Duet.

Just One

3-7 Players, 20 Minutes

In this quick party game, players work together and come up with clues to show one player all at once. Watch out if clues are not obscure or too obvious it won’t help and if identical, their words will end up getting cancelled. Be super quick and come up with punchy ideas, try to find the balance between something real obvious and something obscure to help your teammate. This would be a great addition to your collection.

Drop it

2-4 Players, 30 Minutes

Dive into this colorful game of geometric shapes and score points through gravity, physics, and bit of luck. It stands a high chance attracting more people. As you play, they might ask “what are you playing?”. It is simple yet so complex to score with the changing rules of colors/shapes. You can play individually or in teams. This game is perfect for gatherings in loud places and even non-fans of dexterity games will love it too.


2-5 Players, 10 Minutes

This pocket friendly game is designed so well using vibrant colors giving a gorgeous look. It is all about laying tiles and scoring based on a specific color assigned to the player. Add little twist with poison cards and reduce the opponent’s points in order to win. It’s simple to implement but adds interest to the game.


3-8 Players, 40 Minutes

This is a fun communication game played in two teams up to 8 players. Each team tries to correctly interpret the coded message given by their teammate. Both teams receive 4 keywords at the start of the game. Each round starts with a key card that has 3 numbers on it. The team then encrypts their keywords with the numbers written on the key card while the other team tries to decrypt the codes with the information they gather from the previous clues.

Love letter

2-4 Players, 20 Minutes

It’s a game of risk, deduction and court show. In this, the player plays a role of the suitor trying to get his love letter into the hands of princess while burning those of his opponents. From a deck with only sixteen cards, each player starts with only one card in hand; one card is removed from play. On a turn, player draws one card, and plays one card, trying to expose others and knock them from the game. Goal of the game is to win and you win by collecting enough tokens of affection.


2 Players, 10 Minutes

It’s a simple abstract game getting the right pattern and placing your ball last to win.

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