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Maniams Toys is part of Studio Maniams. Each product is personally designed by our team of professional designers, all of whom are alumni of National Institute of Design (NID) and other prestigious design institutes in India.Toy Design is a field that is extremely close to our hearts. A fair share of ones childhood is spent in exploring and playing.It was our deepest desire to create well designed toys for children that entertains, educates and also enriches their lives. Thus was born our brainchild, Maniams Toys. Each Maniams Toys is made by a integrating different skills of the artisans of India and each piece is unique. The natural imperfections are recognized as being part of the natural wood. It is beautiful and makes the material even more valuable.Each of the toys we design undergoes several stages: research, usability study, design, production and finally, testing. Our toys are a comfortable fit for the Montessori & Waldorf system of education as well. Schooling these days prioritizes the development of the left hemisphere of the brain which is associated with logic, analytical reasoning etc. The right hemisphere of the brain which is associated with creativity is drastically overlooked. Our toys provide the much needed help in developing the creative side of your child and will help them become a well rounded individual. Furthermore our toys are inspired by Indian elements and culture.The packaging we use for our products are woven bamboo baskets and containers that are made by local artisans. This is a small initiative from our side to help these artisans make a livelihood and also to consciously be sustainable.

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