5 Houses Chowka Baara


The game of Chowka Baara is played all over India. But, by different names. Chowka baara, gatta mane, katte mane in Karnataka.  Ashta chamma in Telangana and Andhra. Kavidi kali or pakidakali in Kerala. Daayum in Tamil Nadu. Kach kangri in Maharashtra. Changa po in Rajasthan. Cheeta in Madhya Pradesh.

Chowka Baara keeps the whole family engaged and entertained for hours together. The game uses kavade (cowrie shells) as dice. Though Chowka Baara is a game of chance, it helps build patience, thinking and planning abilities. Chowka Baara and its variants are known to create memories when played with family members and friends.

RolltheDice’s Chowka Baara (5 house) comes with blocks embroidered on a superior quality silk cloth backed by a strong maintenance free cloth. The pawns are exquisitely hand crafted in the famous toy town of Channapatna by experienced artisans. The set includes a printed manual.

The whole set is packed in a bright red tin box that will help keep the game for generations.

Sold By: Roll the Dice Indian Board Games


The game set consists of:

  • Soft and fine silk mat with dimensions 12 x 12 inches
  • Game is embroidered with silk thread
  • Handcrafted pawns with Vegetable dye colors (Lacquer) from Channapattana
  • Each pawn is of height 1 inch and 0.25inch diameter.
  • Four pieces of Orangey Orange pawns
  • Four pieces of Bright Red pawns
  • Four pieces of Pineapple Yellow pawns
  • Four pieces of Basil Green pawns
  • Four pieces of Natural Black Cowrie shell ( Kavade )
  • A small bag to pack the pawns and Cowrie shells
  • A player manual
  • 6x6x2 inch Tin Box to package all the above

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 15.2 × 5 cm
Minimum Players


Average Playtime





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