‘Bimba’ (reflection) is a light and smart game, proposing a phantasmagorical experience based on image interpretation, idea association.

You act as a storyteller, decoding inkblot art, narrating stories, matching meanings of hidden, mystical images. You outwit others by challenging their votes to your favor and win.

Enjoy original and beautiful inkblot art by passionate Indian Mystic Artist created over 60 years.

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  • A simple image interpretation game – Designed and manufactured in India
  • 3-6 players; Ages: 14+ and Adults; Duration: Min Time: 60 minutes
  • Main game mechanics: Card Games, Visual storytelling, Family Games, Party Games
  • 84 Unique Inkblot art (Bimba) cards,
    20 Phrase cards,
    36 Vote cards,
    1 Playmat,
    84 Score Tokens,
    1 Rulebook

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