BUS is an amazing quick & light 2 to 3 player game for ages 8 and above that takes around 20 minutes to play.

You’ll need absolute effiency in this quick, “Pick up and Deliver” game of balancing speed and maximum capacity. Don’t get too distracted dropping off passengers, because your opponents might beat you to the bus stop or change your route through road construction!

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In BUS, each player controls a bus card and will navigate it throughout the city grid. A player’s maximum speed, which is the number of street spaces he may move, is 5. When a player stops at a Bus Stop, he may pick up a customer card which contains 2 different customers. The customer card’s point value directly correlates to the speed in which a bus’ movement is reduced to, when carrying the customer card. Once a bus moves through a space with a customers’ destination, the customer on the card is considered delivered. Two street tiles may be swapped if the “construction” space is used and a player may hold several customer cards for maximum efficiency. The end game is triggered once a player has completed 5 customer cards and the bus driver with the most points wins!
Number 8 in the Pack O Game series.

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