Can you ensure a garam (hot) cup of chai (tea) is served to your ever-growing customers on a rainy day? Get ready to dive deep into running a chai tapri (tea shop) by ensuring that your customers get their specific chai and snack orders on time. Earn their appreciation for every correct order, but be quick as another player might steal a few of them away. Run the most successful shop, and be the wealthiest player at the end of the game!

Each turn in Chai Garam, players take one mandatory action, either selecting up to three ingredients from the display (tea leaves, additives, water, milk, godown power cards, etc.) or serving their cooked tea to the grid of customers in the central board and collecting money.

Additionally, as free actions, players need to cook tea, compete for goals to improve their star ratings, attract customers to their own shops, or play a “Chai Garam” card to take a double action! The game continues until a special “evening” customer triggers the end of play or any player achieves five stars. At that point, whoever has the highest value from money as well as stars wins.

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Game Overview:

Get ready to jump into this exciting race to serve Garam (hot) Chai (tea) to customers at your Chai Tapri (stall).

Your guests want their Chai prepared just the way they like it.

Get it right, and they will reward you with a handsome tip and maybe tell some more people to try out your stall. You can lure customers from the Mela (fair) by specialising in a specific chai made from aromatic tea leaves from a particular region in India. Oh, there are many ways to lure customers to your stall. But, if you miss serving the first customer in the Mela queue, you might end up losing a customer and also lose some points in the end.

And did we tell you about the other chai vendors? Oh, the sneaky little devils! They will try to pull away your customers with promises of better cups of chai and leave you with an empty cup.

Make sure you are on top of your game to ensure you emerge as the most successful & wealthy Chai seller on the market.

Game Play:

Strategically pick up ingredients to prepare the perfect cup of Chai. Choose from Tea Leaves, Add-Ons, Water, Milk and Supply Cards; or serve customers and build your savings and improve customer satisfaction and earn that coveted star ratings.




And as a bonus, you can choose from free actions, including preparing chai, improving your ratings by completing goal cards, attracting more customers with specials and playing a “Chai Garam” card for a double action. Build up your cash and stars till the end game is triggered by the visit of a special ‘evening’ customer or when a player earns 5 stars.

The player with the most money in their Tapri wins!

What’s in the box: (Base Game):

  1. Mela Board
  2. Player Boards
  3. Cards:
    1. Customer cards
    2. Goal Cards
    3. Tea Leaf Cards
    4. Basic Ingredient Cards
    5. Additive Cards
    6. Godown Cards
    7. Saucepan Cards
    8. Chai Garam Cards
  4. Tokens:
    1. Player Tea tokens
    2. Tick mark tokens
    3. Tea Speciality Tags
  5. Coins:
    1. ₹20, ₹5, ₹1 and -1 coins
  6. Rule book.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 7 cm


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