Dare or Drink


Get the shots ready because Dare or Drink will make you and your friends do LIT challenges or get BUZZED AF. Win by completing the most challenges or lose while getting drunk.

300 CRAZY CARDS: Dare or Drink might not be the only party game you own, but it will be the next party game you want to get. This game comes with 185 different white, 75 black dare, and 30 red dare cards which means this game is not easy to get bored with.

TAKE YOUR PARTY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL: This game makes for an outrageous party in a box, perfect for your next party, get-together, or game night.

PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAME NIGHTS: It’s the most fun and savage party game. An awesome card game to play with friends, office party, dinner, parties, etc

GET TO KNOW YOUR FRIENDS LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Watch your friends do ridiculous dares and secrets will be revealed, people will be embarrassed, and you’ll come away from the night with wild memories and a deeper knowledge of your friends.

BLACKOUTS GUARANTEED: Win by completing the most challenges or lose while getting WASTED.

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1. Shuffle the cards and separate the red cards from the white cards and make two piles.

2. Start the game by drawing a card from the pile of white cards. Read it to everyone and do what the card says.

3. If the “Dare Card” is picked up then the same player will draw a card from the red pile. If not then that player turns ends and the next player will draw a white card and repeat the process.

4. After the “Dare Card” is picked up then perform the dare that is written on the card or drink accordingly or quit the game.

5. If you completed the dare successfully then you get to keep the card. Black Dare Card equals 5 points & Red Dare Card equals 10 points. The player with the maximum points wins.


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