Go Goa – An Award-Winning Roll & Write Board Game


  • INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED – Goa Goa the board game is a Winner of Medals in 9 Categories in the BoardGameGeek.com Roll & Write Contest and also received Honorable Mention in the Small Box Contest on TheGameCrafter.com
  • EXHILARATING ADVENTURE – Travel to Goa and experience life as the tourists do with Go Goa Board Game for Family! Exciting, educational and strategic, Our award winning roll and write style board game has been internationally recognized and showcases the best of Goa in your home!
  • FAST-PACED FUN – Spend time away from your screens and enjoy wholesome fun with the family with the Go Goa family board game! With up to 6 players per game, everyone can get involved in the quest for exciting tourism! Discover Goa like never before with Go Goa fun board game!
  • BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED – Each player receives a stunning map of Goa and plays with tour plan cards, brought to life by a talented artist from Goa, India. Transport yourself to gorgeous Goa beaches or traverse through ancient historical sites with these indoor games for kids!
  • EASY TO LEARN TO PLAY – Everyone can get in on the fun! Short and sharp 25-30 minute games will have you flying around Goa with the aim to visit as many amazing tourist destinations as you can! Every journey is unique for fantastic replayability, which route around Go Goa will you take?
  • RESPONSIBLE – We are proud to say that Go Goa Board game for kids and adults has been 100% made in India, with environmentally conscious practices and materials. Even the pencils used in our adventure historical board games are made with newspaper material and plantable seeds!
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Buy Go Goa, an award winning Roll & Write Board Game. You and your family can find out more about this amazing state in India. Travel across the state, collecting souvenirs and finding about the unique tourist destinations in Goa. Children and families will enjoy playing Go Goa.

How to Play


In Go Goa, you have 12 days to tour the state, collecting souvenirs from different tourist destinations. On each day, you select three dice to decide the direction, distance, and deviation in the route that you will travel and then trace a route to your new destination.

Goa is a place known for its relaxed yet fun lifestyle. This roll & write board game will give you the same feeling. The rules are simple:

  1. Roll 3 Dice
  2. The Starting Player reserves 1 Die for the direction that only they can use.
  3. All other players use the Dice to determine the direction to travel in, the number of steps (distance), and the deviations (or turns) they are allowed to take.
  4. If you end in a Tourist Destination you score points.

You score points for visiting Tourist Destinations.

You also score bonus points for completing sets of the five different destination types or three or six of one particular destination. So what will you choose? Do you wish to visit only the beaches or the forts? Or would you rather visit one of each type of destination?

In addition, you can also score points for completing the Tour Plans that you chose.

Will you employ a master strategy, or will you let the dice control your plans?


  1. Player Sheets with the map of Goa – 100
  2. Tour Plan Cards – 36
  3. Dice – 3
  4. Pencils made from Recyclable material & with plantable seeds – 6


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