Will you be the first one to “GRAB” the object in the correct colour? Quick reflexes and hand-eye
coordination are the cornerstones of this fun game.
Grab is designed to be played across multiple age groups too. Kids, parents, and grandparents can easily
play this game together for some wholesome family time.
Grab is super easy to setup and you can start playing in a snap! Just shuffle the cards, put out the tokens
and you are ready to play.


Shuffle the cards and place face down in the center
– Put the tokens also in the center
– Turn over the top card face-up
– Quickly grab the object token that is in the correct color and win the card
– Player who wins the most number of cards wins the game
– Caveats
– Grab ALL the tokens when there is a red bag on the card
– Penalty for grabbing the wrong object


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