Gully Cricket Showdown


Welcome to The Gully, where cricket is a way of life! The game is a fast-paced simulation of India’s beloved sport that will turn any room into your very own gully cricket pitch. Two captains pick their teams based on players’ unique strengths and weaknesses and face off in a battle of runs and wickets. A series of strategic choices, quick predictions – and a little bit of luck! – will keep your opponents on their toes. Swing the bat, bowl lethal workers, and lead your cricket team to victory! Outwit rival cricketers, and become the hero of the gully!

Sold By: Sleeper Hit Games LLP


  • Casual play, suitable for all ages: Simple for children, yet challenging enough for adults
  • Light strategy game with elements of luck-based fun
  • Builds critical skills and teaches various cricket strokes and balls for batting and bowling success in the game
  • Nostalgic gully cricket artwork designed by a Hyderabad-based artist. Portable for travel
  • For all of you cricket lovers, bring the match right into your home. Bring on the cricket fever!

How to play: The bowler chooses which side to bowl while the batsman tries to predict where the ball is coming from. Next, both players select their bowling and batting styles, which determines whether the play is batting favored, neutral or bowling favored. The players roll a dice to determine the final outcome of the ball.

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Dimensions 22.6 × 21.6 × 4 cm

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