Here Comes the Dog


Here Comes the Dog

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Here Comes the Dog is a neat light 2 to 4 player game for ages 9 and above that takes around 45 minutes to play.

The fate of man and dog rests on the fire.

In a distant past, when man and dog first encountered one another, humans took rest around a bonfire to cook freshly hunted beasts, while hungry dogs surrounded them, looking for a chance to scavenge on the meat…

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In Here Comes the Dog, players pick up charcoal, fire, and meat from the bonfire according to the dice. Once all the meat is taken, you can feed the dogs and tame them into your animals. But if the charcoal runs out, the fire is extinguished, and the dogs come after you for your life. Will you be able to domesticate them, or dare you let the fire go out?

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