We have brought back the ancient board games of different regions to life with a pinch of our own invention to it.

1.“Surakarta”- A battle game from Java.

2.“Nine Men Morris” – A strategic game from the Roman period.

3.“Thayam”- A cutting and Racing game from ancient India.

4.“Tiger Hunt”- Predominantly played in the southern part of India.

5.“Snake & Ladder”- A game that dates back to 2nd century.

6. “Mountaineering”- Climbing to the cliff. A unique control over other players coins with game cards

We used to live as joint families close by and shared beautiful moments like grandparents sharing stories to the kids, events of their lives, recipes they cooked and the adventurous games they played. Do the current day kids get such opportunities?  This board game kit is designed to bring back such nostalgia to us.

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Sold By: Kiddokraze Creative Learnings



  • 6 games in a box
  • Colourful design and made of lasting kappa boards
  • Aesthetically designed boards, coins and cards
  • Box Size: 12 x 12 x 2 inches

Suitable for all age groups above 5 years.


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