Legendary Cricket Cards


The Fox Foundryโ€™s Legendary Cricket Cards are an action packed sports game that bring the statistics & the achievements of the legends in a win-it-all deck building scenario.

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The Legendary Cricket Cards game from The Fox Foundry captures all of the excitement of cricket in a quick-playing card game. It includes 100 cards, as well as legends, umpire decisions, and Legendary bonuses. Players can use Umpire Decision cards to take cards from their opponents, win games in one shot, play just batting or bowling stats, and so on. This card game also has an Auction mode, which allows players to bid on their favourite cricketer and put up a great team, as well as statistics performance. Deck owners may add their own legendary cricket players to the deck by entering their statistics on cards like My Legendary Extra and integrating them in games. The goal of the game is to have all of the cards at the completion of the game and/or to have the highest bid team. This card game is fun to play with individuals of all ages, from children to teens to adults!

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