Mission CleanUp – Balancing and Stacking Game

Mission CleanUp – Balancing and Stacking Game


Ocean life is in danger. Not from sharks or other scary predators but from something more dangerous – PLASTIC. Together, we can make the oceans plastic free again. So gather your crew and remove the most plastic from the ocean to win!

You first set up the currently plastic polluted ocean scenario by building the ocean level-by-level. Then starts the real work of ocean cleanup. Roll the dice to figure out which plastic waste card to remove. Remember that you must maintain the stability of the ocean levels. If the ocean falls during your turn then you lose!

Be careful of tides, whirlpools and currents – which need special actions to be completed. This cleanup is a worthy environmental mission. Get going!

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  • Works the FINE MOTOR skills alongside STRATEGY
  • Raises ENVIRONMENTAL awareness
  • COMPACT and easy to store and carry


  • Fine Motor
  • Strategy


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