Navakankari  Board Game – Navakankari became Nine Men’s Morris in the western world. Sanskrit name which means nine pebbles
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Traditional Navakankari game board made of fabric by the hand-weavers of Solapur in Maharashtra. Navakankari is wellknown as Nine Mens Morris or Mills in the western world. Navakankari is the sanskrit name which means nine pebbles. It is known as Saalu Mane Ata or Jodpi Ata orChar-Par in Kannada, Navkakri in Gujarati and Daadi in Telugu. This is an alignment game played by 2 players. Each player gets 9 nine pawns.

Each player gets 8 chessmen which are Raja, Elephant, Horse, Ship & Pawns. Perfect entertainer for your kids get-togethers, can be used as a wall art too.

Contents: Game board – 1; Pawns – 9 +9 (the traditional turning technique of Channapatna has been used to create these stunningly beautiful pawns using organic colours) 1 Play Instruction Leaflet

Goal: The basic aim of a player is to make Mills – vertical or horizontal lines of three coins of same colour. Every time this is achieved, an opponent’s piece is removed, the overall objective is to reduce the number of opponent’s coins to ‘two’ or to block all moves of the opponent thus rendering the opponent unable to play.

Material: Board made of Cloth with Solapur Hand Weaving comes with wooden pawns
Benefits: This is an exciting game which helps develop strategy and planning. Perfect entertainer for your kids get-togethers, can be used as a wall art too.The board game makes a great “executive desktop trinket” that can stimulate creativity, challenge the mind, or rattle the nerves!

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