Pagade Classic


Also called Indian Cross and Circle Board Game, Pachisi, Pagade, Thayam, Ludo, Chaupar, Aksha Kreeda, Dayakattam, Chokkattan, Parchís.

Pagade is a very popular board game played across India from the times of puranas. Almost everybody in India are
aware of the role, Pagade played in the Mahabharata.

The exquisite Pagade mats by RolltheDice have been created in silk. These are complemented by the bright coloured shapely pawns. Moving these pawns gives an enchanting feeling. Pagade is a game of chance, while needing strategic thinking, agility and a certain cunning to gain an edge over the other players. Pagade can also be played in teams of two.

Sold By: Roll the Dice Indian Board Games


In the box

  • Soft and fine silk mega size mat: 34”x34” Blocks embroidered with silk thread
  • Pawns: 4 nos (1”h, .75”d) X 4 colors. Handcrafted at Channapattana. Colors – Jet Black, Bright Red, Pineapple Yellow, Basil Green
  • Wooden Daala (Long dice): 2 Nos
  • Cloth bag for the pawns and the dice
  • A player manual

All these packed inside a bright colored tin-box for a long life and damage-free storage.

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