PANCHI BOARD GAME – SILK – The traditional 2 Player Royal Race Game
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Traditional Panchi game board made of fabric with Silk Embroidery. Panchi is a traditional board game played during the era of the kings. This is a two-player game. Each Player gets 5 coins of same color and keeps in his home outside the game board. This is the initial position of the coins and every time a coin is cut, it returns to its home.

This game has been beautified with embroidery done on silk. Perfect entertainer for your kids get-togethers, can be used as a wall art too.

Contents:  Board Game- 1, 2 sets of 5 coins (total 10 coins), Wooden Cowries- 5 (the traditional turning technique of Channapatna has been used to create these stunningly beautiful pawns using organic colours), 1 Play Instruction Leaflet
Material: Board made of fabric with Silk Embroidery comes with wooden pawns

Goal: To bear off all five coins first.

Benefits: This is a fun and fast-paced game that hones strategy skills. The board game makes a great “executive desktop trinket” that can stimulate creativity, challenge the mind, or rattle the nerves!

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