Parikrama – A Travel Card Game


Parikrama – A Travel Card Game


A beautiful card game where players travel, hitch-hike, and build maps to gain the most points! Play cards, draw cards, make sets faster than others, but making bigger sets ​can give you everlasting rewards too! Grab the best tiles to arrange the map puzzle.

Easy to learn, easy to teach with colorful cards and vivid symbology. Detailed rule book and how-to-play video included. Designed with care, love, and attention!

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Parikrama is a beautiful, relaxing yet witty card game for 2 – 5 players, for all age groups! It is the first indigenous home-grown game published by Zenwood Games, India.

In Parikrama, you are a solo traveler wandering through a myriad of landscapes in the pursuit of discovery, adventure, and enlightenment – traversing across forests, rivers, deserts, and valleys that come along your path… occasionally discovering monuments along your way to rejuvenate and pray.

There are a lot of choices to be made – taking a shorter journey can help you move faster in the game, but a long journey can be more rewarding, additionally landing you a chance to hitch-hike on your next journey via a bullock carriage, a riverboat ferry or even jump on the truck to travel even faster!

Completing a journey awards you with not just points but experience as well, which will help you travel more efficiently as the game progresses. Every journey also gifts you with an inscribed tile, a lost clay tablet with mysterious symbols and patterns that unveil fantastic Parikrama routes of ancient times! When connected carefully, these tiles yield powerful results – and the player who first joins a pattern of 9 tiles, has completed their Parikrama map and triggers the end game!

The player with the best balance of a vivid journal, the right collection of symbols, and Parikrama routes gathers the most points and wins the game!


84  Colored Journey cards
8  Wild Journey cards
12  Hitch-hike cards
6  Sights cards
40  Basic Parikrama tiles
15  Special Parikrama tiles
8  Scoring tiles
2  Monk tiles
1 Tile Drawstring bag
1  Rulebook

4 Reference Cards (BONUS)

1 Scoring Pad (BONUS)




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