Simple Machines Card Game


An interesting twist to the age-old memory card game carefully curated by STEM educators, BITS Pilani alumni, in India for age group 6 and above, which is based on the physics concept of simple machines and how they are present in real life. Players display all the cards face down and then try to use their memorization skills to pair the simple machine with its right example.

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Whatโ€™s in the box: Instruction sheet, 60 cards, and list of sheets which explain the 6 basic simple machines along with examples used in the game. Every box also has a personal hand-written science fact note from our educator.

Benefits: This card game gives hours of entertainment with loads of information on simple machines, their definition, and examples to correlate with real life. Children who play this game end up learning physics, improve memorization, and (of course) have ample fun.

We take great efforts to make sure all our products are eco-friendly and we use minimum packaging material to reduce waste.

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