Spy Club


Spy Club is a creative 2 to 4 player game for ages 10 and above that plays in about 45 minutes.

“We could start a Spy Club,” suggested Beatrice. “You know โ€” search for clues and try to find mysteries to solve!”

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In Spy Club, players work together as young detectives to solve neighborhood mysteries. It includes a replayable campaign format, with variable unlocking content, for playing a series of 5 games connected together to tell a larger story. Throughout the campaign, you’ll unlock new modules with additional rules and story elements. With 40 new modules and 174 cards in the campaign deck, you can reset everything and play multiple campaigns โ€” with a different story and gameplay experience emerging each time.
In the standard game, each player has double-sided clue cards in front of them. On your turn, you use actions to flip, draw, and trade clue cards, gain ideas, and confirm clue cards as evidence. Confirm 5 clues of the same type to solve part of the case. As you discover more and more of the solution, a story starts to emerge: your Neighbor stole something from the ice cream shop, but what? And why? To crack the case, you must find the solution to all 5 parts before the suspect escapes or you run out of clues.
You can always play a single, standalone game of Spy Club, but the campaign mode is the recommended way to play:
Each game plays in 45 minutes, and each campaign consists of 5 games.
Some elements from each game carry forward and affect future games, with new rules and story elements are unlocked each play.
The sequence of content isnโ€™t scripted, so each campaign will unfold differently.
Everything can be fully reset and replayed.
You only unlock a small portion of the total content in one campaign (just 4 of the 40 modules), so you can play multiple campaigns and continue unlocking new content each time!

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