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An adventurous, fun-filled, board game carefully curated by STEM educators, BITS Pilani alumni, in India for age group 7 and above which is based on the phenomena of sunlight. While players play against each other in a fast-paced mission to collect ‘Sunlight’, the game silently teaches them how it’s made with 7 different colors, how it’s affected by solar eclipses, rainbows, and black holes. A perfect birthday gift for children.

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What’s in the box: Instruction sheet, 105 cards, and a game board enhanced with interesting science concepts around the light. Every box also has a personal hand-written science fact note from our educator.

Benefits: This is not just a board game. The idea behind Spark Club and all our products and workshops is to make sure that the kids are having fun but end up learning a lot of science concepts along the way. Sunshine has been designed to teach children concepts about light, solar eclipse, black holes, and so on. This game will not only build their logical and scientific skills but also provide hours and hours of fun.

A great gift for a rainbow, space, or unicorn fan!

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