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An engrossing and educative word game, Tailspin is a highly rated new family and travel game that can be played by all ages! This 2-6 player card game celebrates word power with some fun and unexpected twists – YOU MUST MAKE WORDS WITH THE ENDING LETTER/S OF THE WORD TAIL while including exciting SCORE CHANGER and GAME CHANGER ACTION CARDS to bring elements of strategy and chance to word building!

A must-have addition to your game nights, Tailspin poses a unique challenge to wordsmiths and word lovers alike while bringing together couples, friends and families across generations to bond over board games.

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Tailspin is an intelligent word building game with the right mix of strategy, chance and a few fun and unexpected twists!

– YOU NEED TO MAKE WORDS WITH THE ENDING LETTER/S OF THE WORD TAIL and place the cards in a spiral formation to create a tailspin. Earn bonus points for longer words!

– Use your LETTER CARDS to make a word starting with any part of the word spiral, but it must include the ending letter. SPECIAL LETTER CARDS can be used instead of a vowel, consonant or any letter while making a word.

– Play powerful GAMECHANGER action cards to block another player (NO WAY!), force them to swap cards with you (SWITCH IT!) or get rid of a card (DITCH IT!) while the SCORECHANGER CARDS help you to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or SPLIT the word score.

– Don’t forget to roll the dice to pick up/exchange cards to make better words!

– The game ends when a player finishes their cards but the winner is the one with the highest WORD SCORE.

Box Contents : 110 Tailspin cards, Dice and Rules Booklet

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