Think a Link


Imagine you have gone trekking or camping in a forest. You come across certain problems and need
to find solutions to these using just the things you have i.e. the objects displayed on the cards in your
hand! The objects are everyday objects that you possibly would take with you when you go for this
adventure in the forest. The solution to a problem can be imaginative and creative but it must make
sense logically. And you have to explain your solution to the other players to move on. Invalid
solutions don’t count. Since the object cards are shuffled and dealt, players are forced to come up
with different solutions to the same problems.
Think A Link can be played either competitively or cooperatively. The game is super easy to setup
and you can start playing in a snap! It is fun for the entire family


– Separate and shuffle the two sets of cards – problem cards and everyday object cards
– Place both piles face down in the center
– Deal each player 4 cards from the object cards pile
– Youngest player starts first and play continues clockwise
– Pull a problem card. Use the objects from the cards in your hand to creatively come up with a solution to solve the problem
– Discard the used solution card and pull another one
– The game can be played in the competitive or co-operative mode
– Competitive Mode: First player to solve five problems successfully first wins
– Co-operative Mode: All players get a chance to explain the solution to the drawn
problem using the object cards in their own hand. They then vote for a winning
a solution to the problem. The game

continues until 10 problems are solved.

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