Values Game


The Values Game is an easy, fun and simple way to understand core and fundamental Values in Life. It could help you have an interesting conversations with yourself, your Family, Colleagues and Friends. It will provoke to be a great Ice Breaker or Evening Activity to help bring Sparkles and Smiles to all whether at Work, Home or a Party.

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Single-Player: Helps in self-assessments, introspection. ‘Selfie Like’ and ‘Selfie Future’ game mechanic helps you categorize your values into Positive and Neutral, Practice frequency as well as into Past Present and Future values. It truly reflects on the evolution of your moral compass.

Multi-Player: Can be played between 2-5 players. ‘Most Valued’ game mechanic helps you to get your top 5 non-negotiable values in a group. ‘Let’s Share’ promotes story-telling and elaboration of your inner self hence connecting people on a deeper level and starting insightful conversations. ‘TRUTH or DARE’ mechanic is a fun game enabling action-oriented exercising of values.

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