The story revolves around a relic,ย  a powerful source of magic and power that causes unimaginable chaos in the two kingdoms of the Mount.

Not aware of its location, the two kings fought wars and expanded territories in search of this relic. Their obsession led to the destruction of their own cities, and still nothing.

In the end, both the citadels were breached, and one king did emerge victorious. Much was lost in this war, but the king finally took control of the mountain. However he’s still in control of the the relic.

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Outwit your opponents and lay your path to victory.

Can you Destroy the opponents base? Use walls to lay your path to victory.

A 2-Player fun strategy Board Game. Played with friends and family.

Greedy for more chances and moves?

Try your luck with amazing mystery cards that hold many great power ups to boost your speed, but may cost your life too.

Wall-Ah! is a 2 player strategy board game, better enjoyed with friends and family.

The Game Set Contains :-

  • 10 light blue walls
  • 10 Dark Blue Walls
  • 4 Golden Walls
  • 15 Cards
  • 2 player Pawns
  • 1 game Board

Along with a manual to help you play the game check out Amaze Studios YouTube channel to learn more about the game.

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