Yudhbhoomi: An Indian Game of War


Battlefields have been the architects of Indian history.

YUDHBHOOMI will transport you to a battlefield. Build a worthy army. Form alliances. Strategize and plot battles – take unprecedented risks. Eliminate your opponents and win in the game of war!

(Yudhbhoomi: pronounced as ‘yuddha’-‘bhoomi’; field or ground on which a battle is fought.)

Perfect for families and friends seeking more complex gameplay. Includes 2 variations – Learn the basics with the Starter level; elevate your gameplay to a thrilling battle in the Advanced level. It comes with 64 detailed mini-figures, instructions book, three types of game cards, and tokens.

Buy the YUDHBHOOMI Special Edition and challenge your friends or family’s army on the battlefield. 64 detailed male and female mini warrior figures in 8 different poses give the game a cinematic feel.

Experience an edge-of-the-seat thrilling game where armies can be upskilled, once strong alliances can be broken and like most wars in history, the outcome is unpredictable until the last soldier is still standing!

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  • Indian war-themed game
  • Gender and Age neutral
  • Luck and Strategy based game
  • 2  game variations – Starter and Advanced levels


  • Dice Rolling
  • Card Drafting
  • Player Elimination


  • Cognitive Skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Emotional Quotient

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