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Age old civilizations housing the 7 wonders of the ancient world, fighting it against each other to raise military and get city centers beaming with commercial activity! Welcome to the 7 Wonders board game series, a legacy that has been touted to be the most influential board game ever and rightly justifying that sobriquet by winning more than thirty awards in the course of amusing millions of board gamers across the globe. In this card drafting, hand management game, played over three ages, players get to start with one or more resources which, alongside gold can be used to raise various structures in your civilizations and lead you to victory. If you are looking for an easy to pick board game which promises hours of fun on game nights, unlock this treasure right away.

Finished and loved the base game? Go for one or more of the numerous 7 wonders expansions that designer Antoine Bauza and we have to offer. Try your hand at the most popular expansions Leaders, the earliest expansion that brings to you real leaders like Archimedes and Plato who can be brought in to empower your city or Babel if you want the mechanics to change substantially including building the Great Project that benefits if successfully built or penalizes participants in case of a failure. Other expansions for 7 wonders include Cities, Armada, Duel, Duel: Pantheon and many more promise endless extensions to your favourite base game!

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