Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition


Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition


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The game adds fourteen double-sided faction tiles and seven home world tiles. These tiles are added to the set from the original game. One of the player’s Home (white) dice in the cup is replaced with a Leader (black) die. The rules suggest that when players are familiar with the expansion then they should add Objectives tiles. The tiles are shuffled and six are put into play.

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Game play:
When a Leader die has been rolled with two phase symbols showing, then if the die’s assigned phase is not put into play then the die automatically shifts to the other phase on that face. When the Leader die show a dollar sign on its face then if the die is used for its intended phase then the die goes back into the cup (not into the Citizenry) after use. When a Leader die is used as a Consume action, it always matches the world’s color.
The game adds Entrepreneur (orange) dice. When used as a Consume action, Entrepreneur dice never match the world’s color.
When an Objective tile has been satisfied, the player who met the objective receives the number Talent Counters stated. A player may assign Talent Counters as workers during the Assign phase. Used Talent Counters are put back into the pool. Unused Talent Counters are worth a victory point.

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